Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Making the Most of Your Easter

This Sunday will be your best opportunity to get your lost friends to visit Church with you in 2010. Why? Simply because they believe or at least respect the idea of Easter. The fact of the matter is, Easter changes everything. The empty tomb has implications for spirituality, morality, parenting, work, you name it. Most unbelievers, and many believers are oblivious to this fact. Nevertheless, for whatever reason they are open to attending Church somewhere on this “Holy” day. Statistics show that 82% of people who are actually invited to Church will go. 100% of them will be impacted by it.

Here are some ideas to help you connect with them:

1. Plan an egg hunt for the kids after Church (Let them know that there is one for Kids at CCC, also).

2. Offer food – For whatever reason free food still works. Have a nice seasonal meal for your invited friends after church.

3. Consider inviting a few people who may not have extended family to celebrate with. Everyone likes good food and hang out time.

4. Have your kids invite their friends from school, little league, soccer, etc.

5. It’s always nice to attend Church as a family on Easter, so mention to those you invite that they are welcome to invite their extended family.

6. Bring the office – if you work at an area where people aren’t committed to a particular Church, invite the whole group to attend together.

7. Take advantage of social media – start now using your profiles on various social media venues to invite people to attend.

If you have other ideas, you can share them in the comments section. The main thing you need to keep in mind is that LOTS of people are going to go to Church this one day out of the year somewhere. You want them to attend at a place where they will be honestly confronted with the claims of true Biblical Christianity. Remember, the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation.