Friday, January 7, 2011

This Church is for the Birds!

An amazing thing has been happening at our church this first week of 2011. Birds are trying to get in to the church. More specifically they are Ravens wanting to get in to our church.

The other day, my administrative assistant heard a knocking on the glass doors in our lobby and went out to see who it was and there were only birds. Yesterday it happened again, only this time she grabbed her camera and videoed the ravens knocking on the doors. You can see the video below.

There are several theories flying around about these occurrences, including the following...

1) The birds are trying to escape the extreme cold weather that we have been having this week in Southern California. (They are L.A. Birds who can't handle cold weather.)

2) The birds have heard about the massive bird die-offs that have happened this week in Louisiana, Arkansas, and Sweden. They are stressed about it and feel the urgency to go to church.

3) It’s God trying to get our attention, just as He did with His prophet Elijah in 1 Kings 17, by sending the ravens in. (When the man of God thought he was all alone in his serving and worshiping of God, God let him know otherwise by sending the Ravens to sustain him. Hmmm.)

There are many questions remaining...
What do the birds know that we don’t? What are they after? Why are they so intent on coming into the church during a time when so many people are apathetic about coming to church? What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen raven?

Whatever the case, I find it interesting (and entertaining) that these Ravens keep trying to come to church at Cornerstone. Since this didn't happen on a Sunday, perhaps they are Early Birds. Maybe we will begin to see people flock into the church as well – that would certainly be a welcome sight at C3.

Some people think that church is for the birds. However, in this case, it seems the birds are for the church.


Pastor Mike said...

That's funny Tim! Great thoughts by the way! They are certainly determined birds! Wish people were trying to knock down our doors like them!

Karlene said...

Great Story! Thanks for sharing and welcome back to your blog. Hope to read it more often! :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Blog! You've been away too long! People should take note of what is happening to the birds and fish. It must be a sign from the Lord, a warning to be prepared for what is to come. We can take many lessons from the "birds!"


Dear Pastor. Tim Smith,

Glory to God ! May God bless you all.