Friday, February 29, 2008

Man on a Mission

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pastor Prem is still in Hyderabad. I am in Tanuku with his family. Prem’s wife Shanthi and his mother have gone out of their way to make me comfortable. Prem’s aunt from the US (Corona, CA – Go figure), is here visiting, also. They seem to enjoy feeding me and the food so far, has been very good. This morning for Breakfast they made me fried eggs and grilled sweet bread (like an Indian version of French Toast). For lunch, it was roasted meat and potatoes. Of course, there is always rice. I told them that I generally do not eat three big meals a day and do not want them to go through the trouble just for me. I also told them that at this rate I will gain weight and nobody back home will believe that I really was in India! They seem to enjoy me or, at least, they humor me.

Okay, so let’s get to the real reason that I am here at Spirit and Life Ministries in Tanuku. Since we arrived so late last night, I couldn’t really get my bearings. I am staying in Pastor Prem’s home, which is part of the ministry compound that is compacted into about an acre of land. Along with their home, it includes an Orphanage and a school for the children. The church is just outside the compound on a cornering piece of property.

They took me on a tour of the Orphanage this morning. My heart was broken as the children sang for me and then each of them quoted a Scripture. These precious children are being loved and ministered to by Spirit and Life. If it were not for this ministry, these children would be on the streets. Fortunately, I have been filming everything – which helped me keep my composure as I toured the facilities. I have a lump in my throat as I share this with you. This is the heart of God – to take care of these little ones, the “least of these” Jesus called them. I have been profoundly affected by this today -- more than by anything that I have experienced in a long time. I don’t know what the end result will be, but I refuse to sit on the sidelines and do nothing.

This afternoon, Pastor Prem returned home from Hyderabad. Tonight, he took me to a village way out in the country. There were probably between 50-75 people that came out for the late-night service. The church in this village was started about 3 years ago, by a man who got saved and delivered through Spirit and Life Temple Church. They do not have a building so the service was held outdoors. Many of the people present at the special church service were Hindu. However, nearly everybody in attendance came up for prayer at the end of the service. I must confess that I had some difficulty preaching through an interpreter – something that I have not done in a long time. Please pray that it will be much smoother tomorrow night at the Convention.

Thank you for your continued prayer support of this ministry. I appreciate each of your prayers and comments left on this blog as it keeps me in touch with each of you.

You can also check out the first video that I have uploaded at Godtube. Here is the link:

I love you all.
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Anonymous said...

i would probably be bawling my eyes out if i were in your shoes, witnessing all of that. praise God for the work that He's doing in that place!!! i pray that you're safe and healthy. i wish i had as good a breakfast as you did :). i pray that hearts and lives be touched and changed through this conference that is going on. they are blessed to have you there. we miss you here, and look forward to your return.

in His hands,

Cielito said...

Hey PT! Wow - reading your blogs brings me back to my days in the Philippines! I was telling K that lizards are common 'housemates' in the PI, so I can assume that it's the same there. Big meals? Asian people are very hospitable, and meals are always big - there's no such thing as 'light' meals, so just enjoy them. I'm guessing that you didn't care much for their curry since you mentioned that some of their food was too spicy - yum! Okay - I'm going back to work - I've viewed your blogs and responded to you while I'm on the clock - I'm sure my boss will NOT mind (ha-ha!). God is ready to take CCC to the next step, and since you're our 'leader', you have to be prepared by Him for what He has in store for us, and this trip is just the thing. Comforts of America tend to make us forget what God's Kingdom is always about. I just know that this trip is just what CCC needs - and whatever direction you take us, we're behind you. Until next time!


Anonymous said...

Wow Pastor Tim! Your trip sounds amazing and this is only the beginning! I enjoy your blog and seeing first hand how God is working in India. I know that big things are in the works there. We always hold you up in our prayers. We all miss you but know that India is where you are supposed to be right now. Look forward to hearing more of what God is doing through you. You are an awesome man of God and I know that you are annointed from God to change people's have definetely changed ours. We love you.

Trichel and the Ramos Family

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this with us. I wish we could all be ther with you to experience this. What an awesome opportunity God has given you to touch so many lives. I am praying daily for you and can't wait to read more. Yes,I am crying. Go figure!!!!

Love you - Rebecca

Karlene said...

Ok...I had to find the tissue in the middle of your blog!!! I'm so thankful that you have this opportunity to be there. I continue to pray for you and for Pastor Prem and his family that God will do a MIGHTY work while you're there. Can't wait to see you on Friday!!! only 7 more days...missing all your hugs and kisses. Love you! -Karlene

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim! Did I ever cry??! Wow. This is mom and just want to say this is an experience that will change your life, and that is just what God is doing! You will get some direct instructions from God as to what to do with what He is showing you. This same thing happened to us in Dominican Rep and Haiti,it tears your heart out. Just accept what God is doing and let Him lead the way! We're praying that your preaching will be so anointed, you won't notice the interpreter! Just take breath once in awhile, ha! Expect a great outpouring of God's Spirit on those people. God Bless All!
Love, Mom (and Dad--he's still reading the blog. I printed it out for him.)

Anonymous said...

just saw the video. sounds and looks like you're having fun there. we're gonna have some fun of our own cleaning up our church tomorrow. too bad you'll miss out on the breakfast. not to worry, i'll eat for you :) you continue to be im my prayers everyday and look forward for more stories from you. anymore "bed mates" dropped by?

in His hands,

Anonymous said...

Looking at you laying hands on those folks really touched me! but not suprising knowing the kind of person that you are. wish I could have been there to see and here those kids. God Bless, Gods Blessings:

Anonymous said...

Pastor Tim, Well, I guess you'll be heading for home in a short time. What a mixed blessing the thought of coming home must be. It certainly appears you have been used mightily during your adventures in India and the lives you have touched will undoubtedly blossom in so many ways. I'll bet it was a beautiful and filling site to see that kind of hunger. Here at home we are all so excited to hear more and more about your trip. And about how we can continue to help Pastor Prem do God's work in India. Please come home, we miss you. We miss you very much. All our love and blessings for a safe and expedient journey home. -Clark and Monica