Friday, February 29, 2008

The 2008 Convention Opens!

Friday, February 29, 2008

This morning, I was treated to a new tasty dish as a part of my breakfast – an Indian flat wheat bread called “Chapathi.” It looked like a square, thick, brown flour tortilla. So I did what any Los Angelino worth his salt would do, and made myself a breakfast burrito! Not like home, but was good, nonetheless.

The next few hours after breakfast were spent with Pastor Prem doing last-minute things for the Convention and also trying to get some electrical issues solved here at his house. The end result: I now have wireless internet access for my computer. I don’t have a tub, I don’t have a shower – but I’ve got wi-fi! Hey, it’s India, folks. Thankfully, I do have a toilet and running water to wash with. Many people in the surrounding area (especially the outlying villages) just use the canals for bathing. They also use them for cleaning – and for cooking – and for washing their animals – and for drinking water – and for… well you get the picture. If you don’t, I’ll share a couple with you.

Around 11:00am, Pastor Prem, one of his assistants and I headed out to visit some affiliated churches and Pastors in the surrounding area. We ended up visiting three churches – one here in Tanuku, one in a neighboring city and one out in a village. The Pastors were very happy to see us, and each of them wanted me to pray for their churches and their families. I must confess that the Christians here in India are very hospitable, respectful and friendly. Actually, the western church could take lessons on honor from these precious people. After visiting with the Pastors and praying for them, we headed back in to get ready for the Opening Night of the Convention.

Tonight, we had a great service to open the Convention. There was some confusion as the promised (and advertised) venue was changed at the last minute (due to officials that do not want Christian events in the public arena). So some people went to the advertised venue and thought the event was cancelled, because nobody was there. Pastor Prem said he is working with the pastors to get the word out and that the crowds will grow through the weekend. However, those that came out were treated to a great event. One thing that caught me a little off-guard was that Pastor Prem brought in a Christian Band from the big city to do the music at the Convention. They were very contemporary and really got the crowd involved – this is a great turn of events for India Christianity.

There was a great move of God present and many people came forward for prayer as the service ended at around 9:45pm. Thank you for your prayer support as I was able to operate with much more liberty than I had in the village the night before. On Saturday, I will be ministering in the Youth Session at 11:30 in the morning.

To my friends and family: I love and miss you. Keep praying for me – I need it.

PS: There’s more to the lizard story.

Stay tuned…


Anonymous said...

Hey Pastor Tim! I know my comment should be something inspirational but what I'm really wondering about is the lizard! :) Can't wait to see those pictures!!
Seriously, I love reading your blogs and the pictures have been wonderful. It's inspiring to see you at all these events and hear how people have been touched by God's Word, despite their circumstances. It's humbling for us here. I'm especially interested in hearing about the kids and the orphanage.
I know you're doing an awesome job there, and our prayers are with you, but we miss you too. I pray God keeps you safe and brings you safely home to us.
By the way, Karlene was great at Wed.night LIFT. And she was done by 8:02! (But that's not why she was great, ok?!)
Anyway, got to go...get to bed early....big church cleaning day on Saturday. Yea!!! :) We'll have it beautiful for you when you get back. Take care and God Bless.
Love & Prayers, Barb Owens

Karlene said...

I can't believe you're keeping us hanging about the lizard!!! I guess we'll just have to wait. So excited about this trip, your blog and seeing the pictures and video on GodTube. Thanks for keeping us posted on your activities. It really helps us feel like we're a part of this trip with you!
Cielito and I are staying BUSY so the time is passing for me.
Love you and praying for you always!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pastor Tim, It sounds like the smells there are quite different. Your words have definitely give us some interesting visuals. I tried to write you after you wrote about the car ride and the lizard. It must not have gone through for some reason. But anyway I am so glad we get to experience those things through you and not in person. I know we are very spoiled here in the USA, and quite frankly I am very glad. I'm a city girl. I can only imagine how hearbreaking it must be to see the children without all the comforts of home we experience. I know you are making a difference in their lives, even though you don't how yet. And I know they are impacting yours it shows in your writing. It sounds a little overwhelming. God has big plans for you and for all of those you are there to minister to, or He wouldn't have sent you. God does not make mistakes. You are His messenger and His message will continue to flow through you. I am glad you are safe. We all miss you and love you and look forward to your return to us. We're behind you in whatever God has planned. Praying God's annointing power be on you as you minister to all you meet so that many will be won to Salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ, Much love, Tami

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim! This is mom. Just read your latest report on beginning the conference. Of course, the enemy of our souls is throwing roadblocks, but prayer will prevail! We are praying for your requests--keep preaching the Word! God will make a way. Enjoying the reports--we feel like we are there participating.
Love and prayers, Mom

Anonymous said...

i'm on-call so i decided to check out your blog page. hmmmmm, an indian-style burrito. . . you'll have to teach us how to do that one for the next men's breakfast! i was talking to my brother about how God works and uses people and situations. the officials there are being used to stop what God has planned, but obviously, no one is greater than our God!!! to Him be all glory, honor and praise!
the pictures are great! i'm glad to know that you were more relaxed this time around. it is an answer to prayers that you be transparent, and for those people to see Christ instead of you. that must be so awesome to witness lives being changed before your very eyes. i get goose bumpsthinking about that!
i agree with you about their hospitality and respect. if only that were true here, huh? looking forward to hearing more, especially 'bout your friend :)
love and miss ya, bro...

in His hands,

Anonymous said...

Hey Tim,
Your cousin here!
Read your encounter with the lizard and almost died laughing, been there!!!
Hope you're good, enjoy the food, eat lots of yogurt. I think it's wonderful that you went to India.
I'll keep an eye on your blog.
Take care and best wishes for you.
your cousin, Boo

Anonymous said...

Looking at those pictures lets me know just how blessed we are in the good ol USA.Saw your picture on the banner in indian words now that was different! Too see those folks humblness comes to mind.
Frank J.C.