Saturday, March 1, 2008

Saturday Matinee

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Before I get going, let me say that I enjoy hearing your comments about the trip/blog. Here in India, I am about as inconspicuous as the grand canyon. In Tanuku, for instance, I am the only white person around. I make a scene and startle children everywhere I go. I am a novelty. I am the foreigner. Most people here do not speak my language and even the ones that do, really do not. What I'm trying to say is that your communication is good medicine for someone on the other side of the world. I cannot email you back, but know that having you along for the ride with me, is important to me. Thank you -- I do appreciate it and you very much.

Well, after a long day and last night’s opening of the Convention, I was exhausted. I don’t think I have shared that I haven’t slept much since I have been here. On the flight from LA to Frankfurt, I didn’t sleep. On the flight from Frankfurt to Hyderabad, I only slept a couple of hours – at most. You could tell from the video. FYI: Folks, that’s not alcohol, that’s sleep deprivation! Similar symptoms, however. Anyhow, last night I crashed (sleep metaphor – since you know the traffic here, I don’t want to alarm you). I actually got a full-night’s sleep. Which is mucho better than the 3 and then 3 and a half hours sleep I had gotten the previous two nights. It’s amazing I got any sleep at all during the night of the iguana. Oh, yes – THE lizard. There is more to that tale, actually.

So I got up today around 7:30, and checked my mail and such online (Since I now have wireless access from my room). After getting cleaned-up, which is an adventure all it’s own, I headed down to the dining room for breakfast. They like to serve me breakfast at 8:30am. That is their schedule. Today, I was running late – Okay, I was in slow-motion -- so I arrived at 8:45. The place was a ghost town. No one was around, as far as I could tell. So I sat down in the living room and relaxed. After about 5 minutes, one of the young ladies around here noticed me sitting there and went for help. Directly, Shanthi, Pastor Prem’s wife appeared, (obviously straight from sleep somewhere), and asked if I would like some tea. It turns out that everyone else had crashed hard (again, sleep) just like me!

I sat at the table and after a few minutes, Shanthi brought me a cup of tea. Shanthi’s brother, who is also a Pastor, came in and kept me company. Then a groggy-looking Pastor Prem showed up. Now it’s time for a “Boy, Do I Feel Stupid!” moment… Drinking Shanthi’s tea, I remarked that we have tea “like this in the United States – I get it at Starbucks – we call it Chai tea.” They look at me like, “duh, where do you think that came from?!” They were much too kind to say it, but it definitely was a moment!

I was scheduled to preach at the youth event here at the campus at 11:30, which was then moved to 12 noon (Service times here seem to be very flexible). So the young man who was my guide on the video comes to my room to bring me the news and then he says, “Pastor Prem is not here. He had to go to the doctor. I will be translating for you in the youth service” (have you seen the video?). Obviously stressing about having to interpret for me, he then requests of me; ”Please make small words.” Too funny. I told him that my wife tells me the same thing when I preach in America. We actually ended up having a pretty good service with the youth.

Tonight's service at the grounds was great. The crowd was up to about 1,000. I didn't understand most things that were said with the exception of the Christian Boy band when they sang "One Way, Jesus!" with an Indian accent. I told Pastor Prem; "Finally, a song I can sing along with!" He thought that was funny. At the end of tonight's service, hundreds came down for prayer. It seems that I have prayed for more people in the last three days than in the last year. God is doing a great work here.

Tomorrow is Sunday, I'll be preaching at noon (which will be 10:30 Saturday night LA time).
Thank you for your love and prayers.

Until next time...


Anonymous said...

I am thoroughly enjoying your blog. I sure would like to know more about the lizard. Are you going to tell us or do we have to wait? The suspense it getting to me! It seems like God is opening doors that man has tried to close. I know you are being a blessing to the people over there and I bet you're having a ball with all of those kids. We sure missed you today at CCC with all the dust, dirt, bugs and what not that needed to be removed, cleaned and organized. It sure looks good. Sure do miss you. Praying continually for you that God continues to use you and minister through you.

Love ya - Rebecca

Karlene said...

I'm SCREAMING!!! So did you use little words? See I told you that you've got to start using them more often!!! hee-hee
Today was cleaning day at church. So thankful for the folks that came out. I left at 3pm and the men and Darlene were still working hard! I'm off to a birthday party.
I love you and MISS you, especially my hugs in the morning.
Love you!!! -Karlene
PS...Rick and Donna tried to e-mail you but their computer crashed (not asleep) so she asked me to tell you that they are enjoying your blogs and they're praying for you. ;-)

Anonymous said...

That was so Funny Pastor Tim, you had a blonde moment as Karlene does(chai tea). I am really enjoying your blog, Juan and I read them together.It is great to know that God is everywhere and we are praying for your safe return and that God continue to give you spiritual stregnth as well as physical.I am thankful to God for a Pastor who is obedient to the Lord and sensitive to the Holy Spirit. We miss you and await for your return to a clean and sanitized church.

Juan & Debbie

Anonymous said...

Hi pastor Tim, your blogs are great,You have tremendous ability to communicate, it makes these storys very interesting to read, thank you, I almost feel like I am there with you,(wish I was) I can see that the Lord is really using you to be a blessing to those wonderful people, Jackie and I are praying for you each day that you will be used of GOD to encourage their hearts in the lord. The blogs are very funny and educational at the same time. At the same time I can almost break down and cry for those dear people, especially the children. By the way Pastor Karlene did a great job in your absence At LIFT last Wednesday, also looking forward to hearing her preach tomorrow. Looking forward to your soon return, we miss you.Be blessed and take care of your self, we love and appreciate you very much

Jerry and Jackie

Anonymous said...

you keep leaving us hanging with this lizard update. not that we're only interseted in that. that "chai tea" thing is funny. again, people at work were looking at me in a weird way as i was cracking up! by the way, how small were your words? ha! ha! ha! you are such a blessing, not only to us but to those people that you're ministering to over there. God is certainly using you for His work, and i thank God that you're being an obedient servant to His calling. you really inspire me, and am blessed to have you as my pastor, brother and friend. you are covered in prayers DAILY, and look forward to your return. you are definitely missed around here...
by the way, cleaning day was not the same without you here.

in His hands,

Anonymous said...

Hi Pastor Tim, It's always great to hear from you. Unlike you...I'm not much of a writer. It looks like journalism is another one of your talents/giftings. :-) I do think about you and pray for you and all involved/attedning the conference. Things here are going well.

A little FYI. More than likely I will be up north this Friday thru Monday, so I won't be able to see you until maybe Wednesday.

I'm glad to know that you are being blessed as much as you are a blessing to the people of India.

Have a safe and comfortable trip home. Paige is with me...she says Hi!:-)