Friday, March 7, 2008

Back in the USA!

I’m Back! A worn-out yours truly arrived at LAX this afternoon to a wonderful reception. The welcome wagon that came to greet me consisted of my wife, Karlene, my kids; Tara and Zac, My mother, plus Mel, Cathy & Mesha Po, and Kelly Sepulveda. They put flower leis around my neck and had a hugfest. It was great.

I started-out yesterday evening at the Hyderabad airport. I flew Lufthansa Airlines, and there had been a mistake on the seat assignments, so I was trying to get them corrected for the flights home. The young lady at the counter and I were not communicating, so I resigned to letting it go. Pastor Prem was impressed with how cool I was. He said that other pastors and missionaries from the United States that have been with him in the past would get all stressed-out and frustrated when things did not go right in similar situations in India. He said to me, “You just stay so cool, you never seem to get rattled.” I replied, “I just try to roll with the punches.” What are you gonna do?

Anyway, I got on board after 2:00am India time and began my two-leg, over 20 hour trip back to Los Angeles, back to Torrance, back to my very-missed family. Upon arriving home, I directly took a much-needed shower (which everyone was thankful for) and then headed with the family to Acapulco Café for a much-anticipated Mexican Food fix!

It is now 6:30pm Friday night and I’m fading. The miles and travel are catching up to me. But I sure am glad to be home.


Anonymous said...

Well, welcome back to the states! I'm sure it felt good to take a shower, nice, hot, clean water. When I got back from India, my first meal was pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut. I could only eat one piece, and then I passed out. Tell Aunt Mabel everything and then she can email me with the info.
Take care and God Bless!

Karlene said...

I'm so HAPPY that you're home! and can't wait to see the videos and pictures. Much love, -Karlene

Anonymous said...

wish i was there to welcome you in person. thank God you're home safely. great seeing you again. missed ya bro!

in His hands,