Monday, March 17, 2008

Trader Joe's Knows

It is so L.A.

Yesterday afternoon I had to take my daughter, Tara, to a costume fitting at a costume shop. She is in her final high school production and for some reason they picked a costume shop that was located in Santa Monica, which is over a half hour away from Torrance. It was located somewhere on Pico Blvd, so I punched the address into my navigation unit and off we went.

The costume shop was located in a small shopping center that was anchored by a Trader Joe’s store. I like Trader Joe’s and shop at the one in south Torrance. With the boom in “green and organic” attitudes here in SoCal, health food has gone mainstream and driving it is, among others, Trader Joe’s.

So as I turned into the parking lot, I immediately stopped. It was crazy busy. There were far more cars and shoppers than there were parking spaces in the small lot. I was the fourth car back in a line of cars and just barely made it into the parking lot from Pico Blvd. There was also another line of cars coming off of the side street. All of us were waiting for spaces to open up and an attendant was directing us into the next open space as cars would leave. Realizing that we were not moving and that Tara’s appointment was that very minute, I had her get out of the car and go into the costume shop as I waited to park.

After 5 to 10 minutes, I had gotten to the front of my line and was unwilling to wait any longer. So, much to the dismay of the guy in the front of the other line, I pulled around the waiting cars and headed down the lane of the parking lot. Thinking I was getting ahead of him (even though I actually was ahead of him), he began to honk and swear at me as I made my maneuver around the waiting cars. I simply continued on through the parking lot and drove across the street into another parking lot with plenty of available parking spaces.

As I walked across the street and back through the parking with all the cars waiting to park, the thought struck me – this is so L.A.! This is the most health-conscious and looks-concerned capitol of the world, and yet, people won’t park across the street to walk an extra few steps to get to their favorite health food store! It was a beautiful day and there was plenty of parking available across the street, but that would mean walking an extra hundred feet of so – to go to a health food store. It kills me, it really does. These are the same people that will drive 2 or 3 miles to get to their health club where they then proceed to walk on a treadmill for 45 minutes. Why not save the gas and the cost of the club membership, and walk around the neighborhood or the park for an hour? Why not? It’s L.A. And it’s funny that way.

No wonder we need the health food stores.


karlene said...

that's too funny! I hope that man got a front door parking place so he'll feel better about the whole situation! Thanks for sharing! -K

kasie said...

I'm a witnessed same at school.That's L.A!!!

Caesar Jr said...

God forbid we should "work out" and sweat by walking or riding a bike on our way to the gym where we can do that properly, huh?