Monday, March 3, 2008

Morning Musings...

The favorite parts of my days, here in Tanuku, are the mornings. I am staying in a second-story room that overlooks the entire ministry compound. If I look left, I see the church. If I look right, there is the Children’s home. I especially enjoy the mornings because I am awakened each and every day to the sweet serenading of the children singing (They start off their days with a song -- what an idea!). Oh, it’s not in English, but I understand the songs nonetheless. You see, they communicate on a higher level than mere verbal language -- they communicate the language of the heart. Their melody is love, their refrain is hope and their little, yet loud, voices tenderly and emotionally touch a place deep within my heart.

Sunday morning, I was at church early. Nearly the first to arrive at church are the children from the Home. They sit down front on the floor and they worship louder and longer than anyone else. They were there from about 9:30am – 1:15pm. They not only endured my message, (although they liked hearing about my dog, Roxy), but they endured another preacher’s message as well! At the service, many of them wanted to come up and shake my hand (and try out their English as well).

The convention grounds are about a mile away from here. Every night the children walk from here to the convention site and take their place, sitting on the ground, down front.
After the Convention service ends the caretakers gather them together and they walk back to the children’s home. Don’t feel sorry for them – they enjoy every minute of getting out of the compound and experiencing the sights and sounds of the city. At the Convention services, they are the loudest, most responsive and most enthusiastic ones in the crowd of over a thousand. They are a joy to behold. They are truly precious.

These children have very little, but they give very much. I believe I am getting a fresh theological revelation of the words of Jesus, regarding children, when He said; “such is the kingdom of heaven.”

Please watch the video of the Children's Home Visit...


Karlene said...

Again, I'm crying!!! Wow...I'm so thankful that you have shared these days with us. I feel like I'm there with you (really wish I was). I Love you and Miss You!!!
We had a GREAT prayer meeting last night for you and Pastor Prem. Your mom and dad, Kevin, Wanda, Rosalie, Pat, Lisa, Cathy, Debbie, John & Darlene were there with me. God is so good!
We are still waiting for the rest of the story of the Lizard. Is that going to come anytime soon or are we going to have to wait until Sunday? ;-)
Love you, Karlene

Tim Redmond said...

Tim - great catching you "red-handed" investing your time and creativity into the Kingdom! How did your trip to the villages go?

Tim Redmond

Anonymous said...

You hit it right on the nose "Such is the kingdom of Heaven" when I help out with the children they can just lift your spirit so much!.
I could only imagine what you see and hear coming from the praises of those little kids,what a blessing."ENJOY" have fun God bless....

Anonymous said...

if only our youth could learn from these children. . . now, i'm more interested in hearing about these kids than your lizard :) do they sing for you, or is that something they always do every morning? either way, it sounds like worship is their lifestyle, and i can only hope we can impart that to our kids here at home. i'm so thrilled to hear that they are the first to be at a church service, downfornt, singing and praising as loudly as they can. we need to show that video to inspire our kids, huh? looking forward to friday when you come back... till then, be safe and God bless!

in His hands,