Thursday, January 8, 2009

Surgery, Anyone?

I am sitting in the "home office" this foggy Thursday morning, sipping a cup of hot Tetley tea and preparing for the day. It's surgery day for me. Yippee. In a little over an hour from now, I will be heading to the Kaiser-Permanente Medical Center in Harbor City to have the procedure performed on my face (insert joke of choice here).

A couple of months ago, I was seeing my Dermatologist for my annual checkup and, during the examination, she found a spot on my face that she didn't like (I didn't like it , either) -- so she decided to do a biopsy on it. The results of that biopsy came back a couple of days later -- as she suspected, it was cancerous. So I was then put on the surgery schedule and now today is my day! (The picture shows the little spot on my face that is to be removed.)

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon and evening up in Los Angeles with Zachary for his annual checkup with the Cranio-Facial Team for Kaiser-Permanente. The end result of yesterday's examination was the decision to do surgery on him. He will be having surgery that harvests bone from his hip and grafts it into his face, takes cartiledge from his ear and puts it in his nose and a few other fun-filled procedures. Oh, I forgot to mention, he is already on the waiting list for another surgery that has been in the works since last month!

So it seems to be surgery season for the Smith's. Fortunately, we have a large family that loves and cares about us. I have been blessed by the many text messages and emails from my immediate family, my local church family (Cornerstone) and my global family -- the family of God. Lots of kind thoughts and prayers -- from all around the world -- which are greatly appreciated.

I'll be back to "update" you later.


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I guess last year was my year, this year is yours & Zac's!!! God is good and faithful. Thankful that He was with you during yesterday's procedure and is still with you. Helps my faith for the future with Zac!! -Karlene